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Answers Engine empowers enterprises to easily discover powerful insights from publicly available data on the Internet.

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Instant Answers

Quickly and easily answer your unanswered questions so that you can make an educated business decisions.

Internet Data sources

Our answers come from billions of data points gathered from various sources on the internet.

Various Business Question

Questions about many different topics related to businesses coming from many different sources

No Need for IT

No need to beg and wait for your IT department to run you a report. Get your insights instantly.

Say goodbye to sourcing and organizing data.
Hello instant insights

Internet as a database

Open your imagination, no longer are you constrained by existing data inside your company, we can gather and prepare data for you from anywhere on the internet.

Fully Managed Sources

We fully manage the collection, and preparation of the data with our expertise in handling billions of data points, so that you can focus on your core offering


Work more efficiently

Ask your question, and get instant insights. Better decision making at a fraction of the time.

Cost effective

Sourcing and preparing data takes a lot of man hours, it can be days or weeks and a lot of cost involved in labor hours. Use Answers Engine to be more cost effective

What kinds of questions can you ask?

Various kinds of in-depth questions can be answered instantly depending on which sources are selected


List all locations that carry a certain product

Store locations of a certain brand that carries a certain product are displayed in this answer


Give me an inventory count of a certain product in a certain color

All product inventories accross all store locations of a certain brand are totaled, and displayed


List all discounted products

Displays a list of products that are discounted from a certain brand


Show me price groupings for products on a certain brand

All product pricing on a certain brand accross all store locations are grouped into buckets.


Give me price history of a product

Returns a list of available price history of a product


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Answers Engine is a Canadian Based Startup
and is Incubated in the DMZ Incubator
at Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada

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